Popularize the knowledge of fire prevention of electric tricycles

by:Mainbon     2021-10-06
Popularize the knowledge of fire prevention of electric tricycles. Especially in summer, there are many fires of electric tricycles. So how should we conduct fire prevention? Many people don’t understand. Today, two-wheeled electric tricycles are here to introduce you to the common sense of fire prevention of electric tricycles. Let's get to know it together. It is necessary to frequently check the circuit plug-in points of the electric tricycle, and it is necessary to prevent the contact points from being ignited and heating due to the weak contact, and it is necessary to avoid the short circuit and series accidents caused by the aging and wear of the circuit. What happens is that when the electric tricycle is in normal use, it is to choose a professional maintenance organization or personnel when it fails, and it is not to disassemble the electrical protection device without authorization, and it is necessary to ensure the electrical The wiring and the protection device are intact and effective, and the flammable gas will escape when the battery of the electric tricycle is charged. It is done outdoors, or it is to remove the battery for separate charging, or it is to choose the appropriate line when charging, and it is to be fixed and installed in the wiring, then it is necessary to install short-circuit and leakage There are also protective devices that must be kept away from flammable materials when charging the electric tricycle, and it is not possible to charge for too long, so the charging time is too long, and the charger is easy to overheat Caused a fire. The above is the common sense about fire prevention of electric tricycles for everyone. You must know more about it, especially in hot weather. I hope that the above sharing can help everyone. Previous: Talking about the tubeless tires of electric tricycles Next: How to choose the style of electric tricycles
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