Power saving tips for electric scooters

by:Mainbon     2021-09-30
Electric scooters power saving tips Generally when we travel, we will predict the mileage that the electric scooters can travel, so as to infer whether we can travel to the place and return smoothly, even if we can’t return, we must make sure that we can leave the order. trip. However, sometimes our estimation will have a certain deviation. It may be expected that it can be reached, but the result is still a little worse. Let's work with our Electric Scooter Industry Co., Ltd. to solve some similar power shortages and some techniques for saving electricity in peacetime. The following methods can help us save electricity in use: 1. Start the electric scooter and use 1 gear. At the moment of starting, the instantaneous current of the motor is too large, which consumes battery power on the one hand, and damages the battery on the other hand. Therefore, the starting speed should not be too high, start slowly, and then adjust the speed to 2 gears after the speed increases. 2. When riding, try to drive at a constant speed. When driving at a constant speed, you observe the LCD display and find that the voltage at this time is relatively high. If you suddenly accelerate, the voltage will drop instantaneously. 3. After switching to the high gear when accelerating, turn the acceleration knob slowly, and don't twist it too fast, which may cause the electric scooter to jump. 4. If the slope is small and you need to slow down, you can gently squeeze the brake handle and use the motor to brake the brake. 5. On sunny days, the temperature is high, the battery capacity is large, and the cruising range is longer; on cloudy days, the temperature is low, the battery capacity is reduced, and the cruising range is shortened. You can refer to the above methods and make adjustments in daily use to achieve the purpose of saving electricity. For more information about electric scooters, please continue to pay attention to the official website of Electric Scooter Industry Co., Ltd. Thank you. Previous: What conveniences can electric scooters bring to life Next: How to choose and buy according to the style of electric scooters
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