Practical application of electric tricycle and motor

by:Mainbon     2021-06-14
As the passenger fleet of electric tricycles grows stronger, it is obviously impractical for the relevant part of the “irrelevant” position to persist for a long time. It is the right way to treat the position and effect of passenger transportation of electric tricycles squarely earlier and respond to them. The rated power of a motor is an important parameter when a motor is subjected to a type test. It indicates that when the motor is working at this power point, the motor can run continuously and reliably, which characterizes the thermal balance point of the motor design. Generally, the rated power point of Tianjin electric tricycle motor can be above 48V1200W. The higher the rated point, the better the thermal performance of the motor and the higher the cost. The agile and agile electric tricycles appear to be a savior, swinging in the unseen traffic, and then quickly disappearing into the streets and alleys. It seems that during the peak of commuting, choosing an electric tricycle seems more worthy of consideration. But it seems that electric tricycles, the newly emerging 'passenger transportation right track armyElectric tricycles passing through the city often do not have a right-track passenger transport license, and as one of the main passenger transport entities at that time, the relevant parts of the electric tricycles actually revealed that their performance has nothing to do with traffic governance issues. This makes the rebirth of the electric tricycle, the main body of passenger transport, in a very difficult scene. The strength requirements and performance requirements of electric tricycle parts are higher than bicycles. When purchasing, it depends on the quality of the selected parts of the vehicle, such as whether the welding of the frame and the front fork and the surface are defective, the quality of all parts are manufactured, whether the fasteners are rust-proofed, and whether the double supports are strong, etc.;
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