Practical use of tricycles

by:Mainbon     2021-07-01
There is no pollution during the operation of the tricycle, which is conducive to environmental protection. It can be charged at night when the power is low, making full use of power resources, and has the social benefits of environmental protection and energy saving. The charging and driving systems are carefully designed and high-quality components are used to greatly reduce the operating cost, and the average operating cost is much lower than that of the same car. Tricycles are relatively new and inexpensive, and are a good way of sightseeing. Because it is designed and produced for actual use, the high-quality large-capacity traction lead-acid battery of the tricycle is powerful; it adopts high-quality DC motor, which has low operating noise and long service life; the speed regulation system adopts stepless speed regulation and structure Simple and easy to operate. Due to the small size of the car body, the tricycle can flexibly walk through the narrow roads. It has a reversing switch, which can easily realize the reversing function, and has a voice prompt, which is very practical in narrow alleys and alleys, and it is very convenient whether to drive or stop.
Classification of tricycles
Classification of three-wheeled motorcycles. Wheeled motorcycles are motorcycles with three wheels. According to the industry classification, they are mainly divided into three categories: elderly vehicles, regular three-wheeled trucks, and passenger three-wheeled three-wheeled motorcycles. According to the industry classification, they are mainly divided into three categories. Category: a. Senior car (or old car), ZK-5 on the right. The front and body of the car are small, suitable for the transportation of small items in family life, and are more mobile and flexible. It is also suitable for the elderly to travel, named after the elderly car. b. Regular three-wheeled trucks have larger bodies and are mainly used for pulling goods. The price-performance ratio is higher than that of pickup trucks and other cars. The front driving part has two types: open and closed. c. Three-wheeled passenger transportation, a common handicapped vehicle is the upper left in the right picture. It is also suitable for the elderly to use, very convenient!
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