Precautions for inflating electric bicycle tires

by:Mainbon     2021-09-20
Precautions for inflating electric bicycle tires We generally need to pay attention to the following issues when inflating electric bicycle tires. The following two-wheel electric bicycles will be introduced in detail. In addition to the battery, the driving power of an electric bicycle has its tires. The tires provide the most basic guarantee for its driving. If there is a problem with the tire, the electric bicycle cannot be driven. Therefore, when inflating the tires of an electric bicycle, you must pay attention to your sense of measure.   If the tire pressure of the electric bicycle tire is too low, it will cause excessive flexing of the sidewall, causing the tire to overheat, causing the carcass to relax, the strength is reduced, and it is degummed or even damaged. At the same time, the tire contact area is enlarged, and the wear of the shoulder part is accelerated. If one of the twin tires is out of air, most of the load of the vehicle will be concentrated on the other tire during driving, causing serious overload. If the tire pressure is too high, the tire cord will be overstretched, and in severe cases, it will break. And it will reduce the tire's ground contact area and increase the load per unit area of u200bu200bthe tire, resulting in faster wear of the crown part and easy crown blasting. Properly inflate the tires of electric bicycles, so that the driving can reach the ideal level, and at the same time can extend the service life of the tires. Excessive or insufficient inflation will not only threaten safety, but will also cause uneven wear, making your driving more unstable and more likely to be damaged by overheating. Insufficient inflation will speed up battery power consumption. Therefore, users should check the air pressure with a barometer at least once a month, and check the pressure inside the tire when the tire is cold. The above is the content introduced for you today. You can learn more about it, and hope it will be helpful to you. Previous: Briefly describe the classification standards and specific classifications of electric bicycles Next: The difference between electric bicycle motors with brushes and brushless
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