Precautions for the theft of electric tricycles

by:Mainbon     2021-06-19
Electric vehicles are registered on the license plate. The licensing of electric vehicles has been launched across the country. Electric cars should be stored well. Electric vehicles should not be left indiscriminately everywhere, and it is best to park them in a guarded uniform parking shed. At the same time, once a person walks away or sleeps at night, try to separate the batteries of electric vehicles and electric vehicles. Characteristics of electric tricycle theft cases. Analysis of many electric tricycle theft cases: The locations of the crimes were mostly concentrated in hospitals, supermarkets, Internet cafes and other commercial outlets and downstairs in residential communities; the time of the crimes was mainly at noon and night. Buying a stolen car hurts others and hurts yourself. Second-hand cars are also relatively large, and there are many cases of electric vehicles being stolen. One of the reasons is that they can be used and sold if they are stolen. The public must not buy stolen cars for cheap. Knowing the stolen car, buying and selling are both illegal and criminal acts. In addition, buying a stolen car is tantamount to burying hidden dangers for yourself or others' electric cars being stolen again. If you buy an electric tricycle, try to buy a new car. After-sales service is guaranteed. If stolen is found, report to the police in time. Citizens should report to the police in time after their electric vehicles are stolen, so that the public security organs can identify areas with high incidence of cases and strengthen patrols. Car purchase invoices should also be properly kept, so that the police can provide evidence for filing a case or claim proof after the case is solved. Establish public control areas. Relevant units, communities, schools, shopping malls, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, teahouses, Internet cafes, and farmer’s markets are required to set up parking lots for motorcycles and electric vehicles under special care in areas where vehicles are stolen. This way, the chance of being stolen can be reduced even more.
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