Prevent the connection of the electric tricycle plug from being loose and loose

by:Mainbon     2021-04-30
If the line plug of the electric tricycle is not firmly in contact, the electrical conductivity will be poor, which will cause the line part to heat up, the line loss will be large, the output voltage will be low, the motor power will be affected, the mileage will be reduced or the normal riding will not be possible. The connection terminal parts are not firmly in contact (most of the faults are actually in the terminal and connection joints). The terminal will generate a lot of heat, which will affect the combination of the terminal and the sealant. Over time, the phenomenon of acid leakage will occur. If the contact is not firm during driving or charging, it may be disconnected, and strong sparks may be generated during the disconnection, which may ignite the explosive gas inside the battery (especially the battery that has just been charged, because the explosive gas in the battery is relatively high. If the battery has sufficient power, the spark will be strong when the circuit is disconnected, and the possibility of explosion is quite large). The greater the power of the electric tricycle of the same brand, the stronger the power, but the greater the loss of battery. If it is not particularly necessary, it is not recommended to buy a high-power electric tricycle, such as 1000W or greater. Because the greater the power, the shorter the relative battery life, and the higher the cost of replacing the battery.
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