Reasons for the hot sale of two-wheeled electric bicycles

by:Mainbon     2021-10-15
At present, two-wheel electric bicycles are very cheap. Generally, the price of a Xiaomi mobile phone is about 2,000 yuan. Domestic electric cars usually cost tens of thousands of yuan, while Tesla’s electric cars in the United States are as high as 770,000 yuan. Wheel electric bicycles are welcomed by the public at home and abroad. The development of electric vehicles is limited due to the increasing congestion in the city and the difficulty of finding parking spaces. Moreover, the general family buying cars occasionally needs to be used for long-distance travel, but in the current situation, electric vehicles cannot be used for long-distance travel due to the lack of charging piles. Traveling, and commuting in the city, the advantages of two-wheeled electric bicycles are particularly prominent. Perhaps this is also the reason for the sluggish sales of Tesla in China.  As a commuter car, the cost of using electric bicycles is much cheaper than that of fuel vehicles. According to industry surveys, the cost of using electric taxis is only RMB 0.17 per kilometer, and the cost of using fuel taxis is RMB 0.72 per kilometer. It can be seen that the cost of using electric bicycles is much lower than that of fuel vehicles. The smog problem in cities has caused the government to pay more and more attention to environmental protection. Countries should continue to promote the use of new energy vehicles. However, traffic congestion, charging technology and battery life make the development prospects of electric vehicles hardly optimistic, and two-wheel electric bicycles have become a huge In this market, it should be more reliable to intervene in this market. Previous post: Are electric bicycles suitable for minors? Next: Tips to extend the life of electric bicycles
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