Reasons for the increase in electric bicycles

by:Mainbon     2021-05-04
Electric bicycles and electric tricycles are cheap, easy to buy, low cost, and do not pay for insurance, annual insurance, gasoline, etc. like motorcycles. Convenient and triumphant to use, especially suitable for middle-aged and elderly women. Most battery tricycles are not even approved by the state, but in real life, there are many battery tricycles in some markets, docks, stations and other places. Its operating cost is low. In addition to car purchase and maintenance, it has more goods and less cost. Its market in rural areas is also very large, and the public security organs actually take a laissez-faire attitude as the management department, which has caused the proliferation of battery tricycles. In terms of qualitative knowledge, electric bicycles are clearly defined as non-motor vehicles, and battery tricycles are outside the national regulations, so they are not subject to the same restrictions as motor vehicles, such as vehicle parking, road restrictions, and even penalties for violations.
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