Reasons why fast charging is not recommended for electric bicycles

by:Mainbon     2021-10-16
Reasons why fast charging is not recommended for electric bicycles We generally do not recommend fast charging for electric bicycles. There are many fast charging places on the roadside, but fast charging is not recommended for everyone. Why? Electric bicycles give you a detailed introduction and analysis. The quick charge is very harmful to the battery. Generally, the current of the built-in charger is about 1.8-2A, and the current of the rapid charging is 9-11A, so it will be very hurt. The principle of the electric bicycle fast charging station is that the general current of the fast charging station is about 9A, and the small current is almost 0.5A. But the household current is about 1.5A-2A, so because the current in the home is too low, the charging will be slow if the current is low, so the low current at home cannot be quickly charged. The slow charging of electric vehicles often lasts for more than 6 hours, so in order to want slow charging, it is often necessary to park and charge slowly overnight. In fact, slow-charging batteries are also things that people with experience in the electrochemical industry often suggest that you do: Simply put, fast charging requires high battery quality, and the battery's reaction conditions under high current are too harsh and severe, and it deviates from the equilibrium state. Far away, there will be a greater loss of battery life, and the safety factor will be significantly reduced, so do as little as possible when it is not necessary. Electric cars are charged at a relatively fast rate. Of course, here, there is no such clear distinction between how fast is fast charging and how fast is not. AC charging generally refers to a method in which single-phase or three-phase AC power is rectified, filtered, and corrected by power factor through the charger in the car, and then converted into DC power with a suitable voltage, and then the power battery is charged. After understanding the above content, I believe you all know why you don’t recommend that you use fast charging to recharge your bicycle. It is recommended that you use the original charger for charging in the future. I hope that today’s sharing can help you. Previous: Safety hazards of installing parasols on two-wheeled electric bicycles Next: Talking about tubeless tires of electric bicycles
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