Repair method of electric scooter battery

by:Mainbon     2021-10-02
Electric scooter battery repair method Electric scooter is a must-have travel tool for every household. When the electric scooter battery is damaged, how to repair it? Electric scooters teach you how to repair: (1) High-voltage charging, deep discharge repair method (applicable to batteries with a 1/2 stroke reduction of electric scooters) A. Use a 60V charger and 48V battery to charge for 8 hours, B use a light bulb or The electric stove wire discharges the battery to 0V, (no electricity at all), and discharges separately or in parallel when discharging. (2) Battery reassignment method (applicable to batteries with a reduced stroke of more than 1/2 of an electric scooter or with a drum): A selects the drum battery and exchanges the old for the old battery. The load voltage of the battery is 11.4V— 12.7V, the terminal voltage is about 13.2V. B. Drive the electric scooter until it can't run, set up the electric scooter to run idling, measure the voltage of each battery with a universal meter, select the battery with the lowest voltage, replace the old with the old, and the load voltage of the battery is 11.4V-12.7 V, the terminal voltage is about 13.2V. (3) For the above operations, it is better to add small coppersmith battery repair liquid, so that the effect is significant. Have you learned these methods of repairing electric scooters? If you still have any questions, please feel free to consult the electric scooter. Previous: Using the correct charging method can make the battery life of the electric scooter longer Next: What are the products of the electric scooter
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