Requirements for the performance and structure of air-conditioning compressors for electric tricycles

by:Mainbon     2022-02-09
In the vast territory of China, with the continuous progress and upgrading of transportation and means of transportation, the replacement of vehicles has come one after another. Electric three-wheelers entered people's field of vision in a timely manner. The particularity of the township market has spawned the demand for electric tricycles. There are more than 800 million farmers in China, accounting for the majority of the total population, and almost all of this huge group lives in towns and towns with complex terrain, in order to carry heavy loads and adapt to various rural terrains. Road-based electric three-wheeled products just conform to the national conditions.

The following requirements are made for the performance and structure of the electric tricycle air-conditioning compressor: Good low-speed performance is required, that is, large cooling capacity and high efficiency are required when running at low speed: When running at high speed It is required to reduce the power consumption of the engine used for the air-conditioning force surface and improve the power performance of the vehicle; small size and light weight, considering that the space for installing the air conditioner in the engine room is getting smaller and smaller, the compressor is also required to be miniaturized. To be able to withstand harsh operating conditions, good reliability. Due to the high temperature of the engine room of the automobile, the idling speed is often above 80 Y, and the condensing pressure of the electric four-wheeled vehicle is high, so the compressor is required to withstand high temperature and high pressure. Since the electric four-wheeled vehicle runs at high speed on bumpy roads, the components must have good vibration resistance, and the sealing performance of the unit should be good. The adverse effects on electric four-wheelers are less. The compressor is required to run smoothly, with low noise and low vibration. When the compressor is turned on and off, the impact on the engine speed should not be too great, and the starting torque should be small.
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