Restrictions on purchases and lines are just a helpless move

by:Mainbon     2021-04-30
In order to alleviate traffic congestion, many cities in China have begun to implement restrictions on purchases and traffic. Shanghai was the first to restrict the growth of motor vehicles by auctioning license plates, while Beijing used lottery to allocate motor vehicle purchase rights, and at the same time imposed restrictions on the number of license plates. This time Xi'an only put forward the policy intention of restricting purchases and lines, but did not issue specific implementation rules. However, some experts said that traffic congestion in Xi'an is relatively regional and time-consuming, so the purchase and travel restrictions should have their own characteristics.  Expert: I think Xi'an is not yet ready to implement purchase restrictions. Such measures are a bit hard, and restrictions should be implemented in local areas such as the South Second Ring Road and the Bell Tower.  Experts also said that hardly restricting the purchase and use of vehicles is just a helpless move. It is also necessary to fundamentally solve the problem of travel difficulties by developing public transportation, formulating and guiding scientific and good traffic order and other means. The 'Xi'an Road Traffic Safety Regulations (Draft for Solicitation of Comments') has eight chapters and eighty-nine articles, which have been published in full on the Internet. They include the driving regulations for electric tricycles, electric tricycles, non-motorized vehicles, and motorized vehicles.
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