Selection and construction of electric tricycles

by:Mainbon     2022-02-10
The purchase of electric tricycles is mainly completed through the comparison of motors, batteries, frames, steel plates and wheels. Most household appliances are unilateral wheel motors and external frames. Vehicles with this structure do not have large axles, so the stability is not good, the rear two wheels are out of sync, the load is light, and the frame is easily deformed. To choose a car with a central motor and a large axle, the large axle is also called the rear axle and the rear beam, which is the axle connecting the rear two wheels of the tricycle and an important part of the tricycle. This kind of car has good stability, the middle motor drives the rear two wheels at the same time, and the start is stable. And this kind of car does not need an external frame, and the whole car looks good. The steel plate is thicker and the frame is thicker and heavier. The car is more stable and will not roll over. Of course, being too heavy also costs electricity. Because of its light texture and simple structure, it is impossible to carry too many heavy objects and travel long distances, so it is mostly used for home use. Since it is a household appliance, in the process of purchasing an electric tricycle, it is necessary to have a good evaluation and selection process for its quality.
But no matter what style of electric tricycle develops, its basic structure is generally composed of body part, electrical instrument part, power and transmission part, and control brake part.
Body part: It is mainly composed of frame, rear body, front fork, seat, front and rear wheels, etc. The main body supports the whole car;
Electrical instrument part: It consists of display lights, instrument indicator display devices, horns, etc. The audio device and charger are the main devices that reflect the motion state of the vehicle;
Power and transmission part: This part is the focus of the electric tricycle, mainly including the motor, bearing, transmission sprocket, transmission, etc. The working principle is as follows After the circuit is turned on, the driving motor rotates to drive the driving wheel to brake, and pushes the remaining two driven wheels to make the whole vehicle travel. At present, electric tricycles mostly use stepless speed change, and control the motor speed through different output voltages. Electric tricycles with large load mostly use mid-mounted motor or differential motor as the drive system to make the car higher and more powerful;
Control system Moving part: It consists of a handlebar with a speed regulating device and a braking device, which is mainly used to control the driving direction, driving speed and braking. In the process of purchasing, these structures of electric tricycles need to be identified under the specific circumstances that are suitable for them. After all, only the right ones are the best.
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