Solutions for daily minor faults of electric tricycles

by:Mainbon     2021-06-02
Do you usually encounter some small faults that you don’t know how to solve when you are driving an electric tricycle? The editor counts the daily problems that may be encountered and the solutions to the small faults. Friends who have electric tricycles at home, come and take a look. Right! 1. What should I do if the battery tricycle wants to run faster? Change the number of teeth of the flywheel to a smaller or more powerful motor (pay attention to matching the battery), add a battery without changing the motor, and increase the voltage quickly without burning the motor and controller. 2. What is the reason why the electric tricycle should not be fast or slow when the battery is sufficient? This is usually due to poor contact. If it is not repaired in time, it may not start. There may be a problem with the inverter, or the contact is not good. 3. The electric tricycle reduces the accelerator but does not decelerate. The electric tricycle reduces the accelerator but does not decelerate because the handlebar is broken. It is recommended to change the handlebar. 4. There are many reasons for electric tricycles with sufficient power but not running. There are many reasons for the electric tricycles not running. If the lights are on and the horn is sounding, the car will not go. Most of the battery power is insufficient. The motor is powered to make it run while walking. When the power is insufficient, the controller stops supplying power to the motor and the car cannot run. 5. The 45 battery of the electric tricycle is out of power. Can I use a set of 20 batteries? It works, and the cruising range is shortened, which is equivalent to two-fifths of the original. Most people change to larger capacity. 6. Is it better to install the battery of the three-wheeled electric tricycle in one piece, or to separate a little gap? It is recommended to separate a little bit, which is easy to dissipate heat. The battery will heat up when charging or in use, and the heat will be more severe when charging. But it must be fixed. You can find a paper shell to pad it to avoid wear.
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