Some inspections before riding an electric tricycle

by:Mainbon     2021-09-17
Some inspections before riding an tricycle.html' target='_blank'>electric tricycle   Because the power source of the two-wheeled electric tricycle is provided by the battery, the two-wheeled electric tricycle manufacturer reminds: Every time you ride an electric tricycle, you need to do some inspection work before going out.   1. Before leaving the car every day, check whether the battery is sufficient. This is the prerequisite for the operation of the two-wheeled electric tricycle. If it is not checked in time, it may be out of power halfway.   2. To check whether the braking performance of the tram is good, because the tram does not use manpower and runs too fast, then good braking performance is needed to prevent accidents.   3. To check whether his screws are loose, etc., if there is a fault, he should be repaired and eliminated in time, and only after the inspection is completed and there is no fault can he go out.  Also, two-wheeled electric tricycle manufacturers finally reminded that after using the electric tricycle, remember to turn off the power switch, pull out the key, move the gear switch to the neutral position, and pull up the handbrake. Previous: Factors affecting the price of two-wheeled electric tricycles Next: Why not use fast charging for electric tricycles?
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