Sometimes when the electric scooter is running, the power supply will not go away. What is the reason?

by:Mainbon     2021-09-30
Sometimes when the electric scooter is running, the power supply will not go away. What is the reason? Electric scooters, namely electric-driven vehicles, also known as electric-driven vehicles. Electric scooters are divided into AC electric scooters and DC electric scooters. Generally speaking, an electric scooter is a vehicle in which a battery is used as an energy source, and electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy movement through a controller, a motor and other components, so as to control the current and change the speed of the vehicle. Today, the power electric scooter factory tells you what are the reasons why the electric scooter sometimes does not supply power when it is running: 1. The handle of the electric scooter is broken or the contact is not working properly. Use a multimeter to check it. Change a handle. 2. The controller of the electric scooter is broken and cannot output and control the voltage. Check it at the maintenance point and replace it if it is broken. 3. The output circuit of the controller or other circuits are not working properly. Check and repair. 4. Check if the brake can not return to the original position and stop. Sometimes when an electric scooter is running, it is very dangerous that it does not supply power and you must pay attention to it. So the reason that the electric scooter manufacturer told you, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. When using an electric scooter, be sure to check all parts to prevent danger. Previous: Two-wheeled electric scooter maintenance knowledge Next: Which is better, electric scooters with pedals and electric scooters without pedals
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