Specific maintenance content of electric tricycle

by:Mainbon     2021-05-23
The repair of the electric tricycle includes checking whether all the screws and nuts of the whole vehicle are firm, whether the control performance is good, whether the tires need to be replaced, whether the mechanical system is in good condition, whether the battery capacity is up to standard, and the brush motor is repaired once a year. The specific maintenance content is as follows:    Complete vehicle debugging, check whether the electrical control circuit has hidden troubles, whether the electrical connection line is damaged, if necessary, remove and adjust the front and rear brakes on the spot to ensure that the brakes are flexible and reliable;    Whether the steering of the handlebar is reliable and whether there is a car The phenomenon of mutual sliding between the handle and the front fork;    regularly check the battery (check once a month in summer, check once every 2-3 months in winter) whether the battery liquid level is below the mark, if the electrode plate is exposed, it is necessary to add distilled water in time. (Be careful not to add acid, because the electrolyte concentration of each battery has been adjusted according to the ratio when leaving the factory. Adding acid will destroy the existing pH balance, cause plate corrosion, and affect the battery life.
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