Standards for purchasing electric vehicles

by:Mainbon     2021-04-30
With the improvement of people's living standards and the accelerating pace of life, electric tricycles are becoming the first choice of more and more consumers due to their convenience, speed, pollution-free and low price. Experts in the electric vehicle industry said that in addition to style specifications, functional styles, and brands, the actual 'selection' on site is also very important when purchasing electric vehicles. Style selection-1. There are three main driving methods for electric tricycles: one is hub drive, the other is mid-mounted drive, and the other is suspension drive. In the market, electric bicycles are mainly driven by the hub, and the rear-wheel drive by the hub is better, and the front-wheel drive performance is relatively poor. 2. For the placement of the battery, consider the balance of the vehicle and the convenience of getting on and off the vehicle. It is better to place the battery in the position of the diagonal tube or the riser of the frame. The battery configured is basically an economical lead-acid battery. At present, most electric bicycles use 36V12AH lead-acid batteries; the 24V12AH battery has a shorter driving range, so consumers choose less. Specification selection-electric tricycles are generally 610mm more. At present, manufacturers have designed and manufactured electric tricycles of 660mm or 560mm to meet the needs of consumers at different levels. Functional style selection — 1. Standard type: The motor power of this type of electric vehicle is generally 150W, and it is characterized by a simple and smooth shape, a continuous mileage of 40km to 50km, easy operation, and a moderate price. The price is 2000 yuan to 2600 yuan. 2. Multifunctional type: This type of electric vehicle generally adds front fork shock absorbers, saddle shock absorbers, headlights, electric horns, etc. to the standard type. It is characterized by more functions and more comfortable riding. It is also convenient to use at night. The price is generally between 2,500 yuan and 3,000 yuan. 3. Luxurious type: This type of electric vehicle is characterized by its novel and luxurious shape and more complete functions. An instrument panel is usually added to the handlebar to display speed, mileage, voltage, power, etc., and some are also equipped with turn signals and language. Prompt etc. The price is between 3000 yuan and 3400 yuan. Brand selection-Brand is a sign of quality. Different brands have different quality levels. Consumers must choose to be tested by an authoritative department when purchasing, and practice has proved that the quality is reliable, the repair rate is low, the after-sales service is good, and the reputation is high. s brand. Points for on-site purchase — 1. According to my actual needs and favorites, choose appropriate specifications, styles and colors. 2. First select the appearance quality of the vehicle, mainly depending on whether the trademarks and decals are intact, and whether the surface quality of the painted parts, electroplated parts, plastic parts, and aluminum alloy parts are satisfactory. 3. Check the quality of the vehicle assembly. It should be: A. All kinds of screws are fastened in place without looseness. B. The handlebars, wheels, chains, cranks, and pedals should run flexibly, the rim should be round, and the amount of runout should be small. C. The handlebars, saddles, mud boards, hangers, and brackets should be installed upright or symmetrical, and there should be no obvious deviation. D. Moving parts (such as chains, cranks, wheels, etc.) and immovable parts (such as chain covers, mud plates, etc.) must not be rubbed. 4. The switch key and battery lock should be tried out to be safe, reliable and easy to use. Electric door locks, battery locks, and toolbox locks should use one key for the most convenient. 5. Open the switch, turn the shift handle, check the stepless speed change and brake (brake) power off and braking effect, and check whether the motor is running smoothly and whether the sound is normal. 6. Multi-function and luxury electric bicycles should also be checked whether all functions are intact. 7. At the end, get the invoice, charger, certificate, manual, three packs of cards, etc., and keep them properly.
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