Summary of electric scooter battery problems

by:Mainbon     2021-09-30
Summary of battery problems for electric scooters Electric scooters are now the most commonly used means of transportation, but the batteries of electric scooters always have problems of one kind or another. Today, electric scooters will summarize the battery problems of electric scooters and share with you: 1. Imbalance. Caused by differences in capacity and voltage. Often a severely backward. Repair method: change, but don't use a new one. 2. Water loss. Caused by overcharging. Causes of imbalance and charger. Repair method: replenish water (distilled water). 3. Vulcanization. Caused by undercharge. Causes of water loss and charger. Repair method: use 0.01-0.02C small pulse current. 4. Soften. Caused by high current charging and discharging. Repair method: deep discharge first, and then charge with 0.2-0.5C large pulse current. 5. Falling off. Inevitable in the later period. Repair method: None. 6. Short circuit or open circuit. Severe vulcanization and shedding are inevitable in the later life. Repair method: replace the battery. Previous: What are the classifications of electric scooters Next: How to choose the shock absorption part when buying electric scooters
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