Talk about two-wheel electric bicycle in detail

by:Mainbon     2021-09-19
Let’s talk about two-wheeled electric bicycles. Time flies so fast. After the New Year, people start to get busy again. Electric bicycles are used again. Electric bicycles are still a big travel tool for office workers. Look at the general structure of an electric bicycle. Electric bicycles are special bicycles that use batteries as auxiliary energy sources and have two wheels, which can realize human riding, electric or electric assist functions. Although it has the appearance characteristics of ordinary bicycles (even the appearance characteristics of motorcycles), the main thing is that it is installed on the basis of ordinary bicycles. Display instrument system, mechatronics personal transportation. Batteries are on-board energy sources that provide energy for electric bicycles. At present, electric bicycles mainly use a combination of lead-acid batteries. In addition, nickel-metal hydride batteries and lithium-ion batteries have also been used on some lightweight folding electric bicycles. Controller The controller is a component that controls the speed of the motor and is also the core of the electric bicycle electrical system. It has under-voltage, current-limiting or over-current protection functions. The intelligent controller also has a variety of riding modes and a self-checking function for the electrical components of the vehicle. The electric motor is a component that converts battery electrical energy into mechanical energy to drive the rotation of the electric bicycle wheel. There are many types of motors used in electric bicycles in terms of mechanical structure, speed range, and energization. Common ones are: brushed hub motors with gears, brushless hub motors with gears, brushless hub motors with gears, brushless hub motors with gears, side mounted motors, etc. Lamps, instrument lamps, and instrument parts are a combination of components that provide lighting and indicate the status of the electric bicycle. The instrument generally provides battery voltage display, vehicle speed display, riding status display, lamp status display, etc. The intelligent instrument can also display the failure status of various electrical components of the vehicle. There is also the most important charger that we usually use the most. In the case of frequent use of electric bicycles, it is good to have electric bicycles at any time, which will bring us great convenience for long-distance travel. For more information on electric bicycles, please continue to pay attention to the official website of Electric Bicycle Industry Co., Ltd. Thank you. Previous: How should electric bicycles be maintained in spring Next: Under what circumstances do electric bicycles need to be maintained and charged?
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