Talking about the Tubeless Tire of Electric Tricycle

by:Mainbon     2021-10-04
Talking about the tubeless tires of electric tricycles Most of the current electric tricycles are tubeless tires, so how much do you know about tubeless tires? Today we will give you a detailed introduction to the two-wheeled electric tricycle. If it is, the tire and the steel rim are separated, which means that the tire is generally leaking. It cannot support the steel rim. It will definitely come out after driving for a while. It may be leaked and you did not find it or it was punctured. The vacuum Tyre repair is much faster than inner and outer tyres. As long as you find a leak on the outside and hit the colloid bomb into the leak, the colloid bomb will spread inward like an umbrella to block the leak. Adding vacuum fluid is what we call The liquid is used to prevent slight air leakage and high temperature. Inflation makes the internal high pressure. It can be used normally. However, if the air leak is generally more than 2 cm long, it cannot be repaired, which means that a large hole cannot be repaired. The colloid bomb is not that big, and there are generally four buttons on the electric tricycle alarm remote control, unlock, unlock, bell, lightning, and the bell is to adjust the alarm sensitivity. The above is a detailed introduction about the tubeless tyres of electric tricycles. You can briefly understand it, and I hope it will be helpful to you. Previous post: Reasons why fast charging is not recommended for electric tricycles Next post: Popularize knowledge about fire prevention of electric tricycles
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