Teach you a few tricks to make the electric scooter easy to spend the winter!

by:Mainbon     2021-10-06
Teach you a few tricks to make the electric scooter easy to spend the winter! People who often ride electric scooters will find that electric scooters often don't run far in winter. What is the reason? In order to let everyone better understand the problems in this area, the following will introduce the reasons and solutions for the electric scooters not to run far in winter: The battery capacity is based on the temperature of 25℃, and the temperature drops by 1℃. The battery capacity Decrease by 1%. In winter, the battery is in a low temperature environment, the battery cycle capacity is relatively low, the electrolyte viscosity increases, the chemical reaction resistance increases, and the charging time may be shortened (charged at 70% below 5°C). The charge capacity is 60%-70%, and the discharge capacity is 50%. Varying from %-60%, the mileage is reduced (not far away). Calculation of mileage in winter (70% charge multiplied by 60% discharge capacity is approximately equal to 42% summer mileage). It is recommended that electric scooters be charged indoors (charged as you use it)! This is the principle of lead-acid batteries, so new cars may not run far. Teach you a few tricks to make the electric scooter easy to spend the winter! 1. Remember that the charger must match the battery model, and the electric scooter must be charged with a special car charger. Do not use chargers of different specifications, otherwise, the rated voltage and current of the charger will not match the battery, and the battery will be charged. The correct way is to use a special charger for special vehicles, but some electric scooter users will often mix them during use, and the charging voltage and current are not matched, which will cause the battery to be overcharged or undercharged. 2. When the ambient temperature drops, the battery should be charged frequently. It is best to charge the battery when the remaining power is between 30% and 50%, which can avoid the early capacity loss of the battery, and also avoid over-discharge; if you often bring people and climb hills , It is recommended that the remaining power can be charged at 50%; if the battery is not used for a week and 60%-70% of the battery is not used in a week, it is recommended to charge it once; if you go out or leave it for a long time, the battery will self-discharge. Running out of power3. Indoor charging can be selected if conditions are cold. The best charging environment temperature for electric scooters and batteries is about 25℃. If the weather outside is cold, you can choose to charge in a ventilated, dry and clean indoor environment. Float the charger for about 2 hours after the charger is turned on. It is recommended to charge during the day to better control the charging time; the electric scooter is best stored indoors to avoid sun and rain, and avoid high temperature exposure or rain and snow when charging . 4. Try not to use or use fast charging stations as much as possible. Long-term use of the fast charging station on the roadside will also charge the battery, because the working principle of the fast charging station is to charge the battery with a high current in a short time, which will cause serious gassing and water loss of the battery, and the battery will bulge. Many cities have a large number of fast charging stations. On the one hand, it is convenient for users of electric scooters. On the other hand, high-current charging at fast charging stations causes serious battery outgassing and water loss. Long-term use will lead to battery charging and other undesirable consequences. 5. Avoid overloading and overspeeding. When overloading and overspeeding, the battery is discharged with high current, which will cause damage to the battery plate and affect the battery life. 6. It is necessary to maintain the battery regularly, clean the surface, check the tightness of the battery terminal, and remove the oxide of the battery terminal. If the battery is filled with liquid, check the battery liquid level. In summary, it is a detailed introduction to the reasons and solutions for electric scooters not running far in winter. I believe that everyone has a more in-depth understanding of this now. I hope my introduction will be more helpful to everyone. For more information, you are welcome to inquire, or pay more attention to our website, we will definitely answer you in detail one by one. Previous: Introduce in detail how to solve the electric logistics vehicle when it is out of power Next: What are the precautions before using the electric scooter?
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