The baby carriage in the whole process of children's growth

by:Mainbon     2022-02-08
The stroller is an indispensable part of the whole process of children's growth. Among them, the strollers that accompany children include children's toy cars, children's strollers, children's tricycles, children's walkers, children's bicycles, etc., from the birth of the child to the learning. walk.
Children's toy cars have two types of electric and non-electric, this is a tool for children to play, not for children to ride, this toy car is suitable for children aged 1-4 to play, children's toy car It can bring awareness of cars in the process of children's basic growth, so that children can understand the basic shapes and functional uses of various cars in advance.
The stroller is a tool used before the baby learns to walk. The most important factor in purchasing a stroller is the safety factor. When choosing, pay attention to whether the safety device of the car is reliable, whether the overall structure of the car is firm, and the stroller The load-bearing capacity of the shoulder straps, buckles, seat belts and waist belts shall not be less than the tensile force of 300 N, and there are no unsafe hidden dangers such as breakage, opening and breakage. The device is firm and reliable. No matter where we take the baby to play, we can't leave the stroller and let the baby stay in the stroller alone, and we can't hang heavy things on the car. When the car is stopped, the braking device must be in the braking position. When parked on a flat road, the center of gravity of the car cannot be shifted.
Children's tricycles are relatively fun for babies before school, because babies are more mobile at this time, and moving cars have become babies' favorite. When choosing a children's tricycle, we can pay attention to the fact that there is a dual-purpose tricycle on the market. When the child is riding, the push handle must be folded down before the child can ride. The tricycle should not have any pinch points that may cause injury to the child. The gap between the active parts of the tricycle should be less than 5 mm or greater than 12 mm, so as to avoid the child's fingers or other parts being pinched when riding. For tricycles for children younger than three years old, if there are detachable parts, the volume should be larger. If there are small detachable parts, we should put them away to prevent children from accidentally putting them in their mouths. cause serious consequences.
This is a tool for babies to learn to walk. Many stroller manufacturers make the walker foldable for parents to store and carry. Children can jump and jump in the walker and learn to walk. When the child uses the walker to learn to walk, the adult must take care of them and cannot leave. The child sits still. The safety device of the baby walker should be strong and powerful to prevent the baby from falling and causing accidental injury during the baby walk. The place where the baby walks should be flat, and the child should not be allowed to use it near places with certain risks such as stairs, slopes, electrical appliances, and furniture.
When children can ride children's bicycles, they are about 5 to 8 years old. At this time, children are very motivated and very curious about bicycles, and they want to learn it. The chain part of the children's bicycle should have a chain cover, and the chain cover should completely cover the sprocket, chain and flywheel without allowing it to be exposed. Children's bicycles cannot be ridden on the road, nor can children be allowed to ride on the road. At this time, they can only study in certain activity places. When children learn children's bicycles, there must be a guardian on the scene, and they cannot be at their own discretion. ride.

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