The biggest hidden danger in battery tricycles

by:Mainbon     2021-06-28
Some battery tricycles can carry as much cargo as some minivans, but due to their poor braking performance, there is a greater traffic safety hazard; the current battery tricycles are getting faster and faster, but their corresponding supporting facilities are Can’t keep up, such as night driving lights, turn signals, horns, braking performance, etc.; electric tricycle drivers do not need to be trained or assessed, which makes their driving skills relatively uneven, poor awareness of traffic laws, and more. The qualitative nature of its motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles makes its driving lanes more random, and its driving is silent and quiet, which is often overwhelming; because there is no compulsory insurance for electric tricycles, once there is a loss In larger accidents, the ability to pay for economic compensation is also a problem; even after an accident, they escaped, because there is no registration and no vehicle information, which brings great difficulties to the traffic management department in investigating such cases. The current large number of electric tricycles has affected normal road traffic safety and the image of the city. However, in terms of current transportation needs, battery tricycles also have reasons for their existence. First, they have brought to the daily transportation of urban and rural residents and businesses. Convenience, economy and speed. The second is to solve the livelihood problems of some rural surplus labor and migrant workers. Therefore, if we rely solely on tough measures to enforce the ban, it may cause some social conflicts. For this reason, can we maintain a rational understanding and adopt strengthened departmental management and guidance to deal with special vehicles such as battery tricycles as soon as possible. Specially formulate local regulations to restrict the production of high-power battery tricycles, and adopt standardized management, such as information management such as the number plate. Drivers need a driving license (operating license) and organize safety learning for them to enhance their traffic safety awareness; must participate Compulsory insurance, traffic management departments increase their daily supervision and penalties, and impose penalties on electric tricycles that are overloaded, speeding, drunk driving, etc., in accordance with the law.
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