The channel model of the electric tricycle industry

by:Mainbon     2022-02-09
For the general urban and rural residents, especially the middle-aged and elderly people, electric tricycles are noise-free, pollution-free, safe and energy-saving, and can carry both people and objects, which are favored by these people. Due to these special properties of electric tricycles, its market is mainly concentrated in towns and villages, so its channel distribution is mostly concentrated in counties or towns. For special tricycles for special purposes, because they are applied to special fields, specific organizations or groups generally pick up the goods directly from suppliers, and there is no dealer link in the middle, which is also determined by the limitations of the application scope of special tricycles.
The channel model of the electric tricycle industry is still at a very low level and has not yet formed a mainstream channel. Although various scattered sales outlets have been established, they are not stable, and there are no large dealers and model markets like the electric bicycle industry in the terminal. In general, the electric tricycle industry is still in the initial stage of only focusing on production, and the marketing for the terminal sales market has not attracted enough attention in the industry.
For ordinary electric tricycles, from the point of view of the business model, there are not many franchise stores in the electric tricycle industry, and there are few electric tricycles in large supermarkets and stores. Distributors of wheeled bicycles come to conduct incidental sales. Electric tricycles generally only account for a small part of the product structure operated by most dealers. Except for a few markets, the sales of electric tricycles in most markets are far behind that of electric bicycles. It is also one of the reasons why dealers adopt the incidental sales model.

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