The characteristics of the tricycle machinery itself

by:Mainbon     2022-02-16
Due to the weather and the characteristics of the tricycle machine itself, once it is used improperly in spring and summer, the machine is most susceptible to 'disease'. In order to reduce use failures, improve work efficiency, and ensure safe production, in addition to operating the machinery according to regulations, we must also pay attention to the following aspects. By doing this, we can ensure that the tricycle machinery will not get 'disease' during the use of the machine. Since the temperature has just picked up in spring, the metal parts of agricultural machinery are still brittle. In the maintenance of the lubrication system in the operation of agricultural machinery, lubricants must be used according to the prescribed standards, and the thermal coefficient and viscosity should be moderate. Attention should also be paid to the maintenance cycle and specifications. Regular cleaning and timely replacement of filter components are required to reduce mechanical wear.
The heat-dissipating components take necessary thermal insulation measures to prevent the engine from cooling too fast, reduce the working pressure of the engine, and also reduce the fuel consumption.
After the mechanical operation of the tricycle is completed, it should be parked in a sheltered shelter. If it is placed in the open air, the battery should be removed to prevent it from being damaged by the sudden cold temperature.
Clean up before use. Do a good job of lubrication, adjustment, and tightening. In this way, the looseness and stagnation between different parts caused by the long-term idleness of the tricycle machinery in winter are avoided, so as to ensure that the equipment is put into operation in a good technical state.

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