The correct maintenance method of electric vehicle battery

by:Mainbon     2021-05-29
The mileage of electric vehicles is one of the main criteria for consumers to measure the quality of electric vehicles. batteries play a decisive role, so what should I pay attention to when maintaining electric tricycle batteries?    Correctly grasp the charging time—Generally, the battery is charged at night, and the average charging time is about 8 hours. It is best to charge the battery once when the depth of discharge is 60%-70%. In actual use, it can be converted into riding mileage, and necessary charging is carried out according to the actual situation to avoid damaging charging. Avoid exposure to the sun-an environment with too high temperature will increase the internal pressure of the battery and the battery pressure limiting valve will be forced to open automatically. The direct consequence is that the battery activity will decrease, accelerate the softening of the plate, and cause the shell to heat up and bulge during charging. Fatal damage such as deformation. Avoid high-current discharge-When the electric tricycle is starting, carrying people, or going uphill, please use the pedal to assist, and try to avoid instant high-current discharge. High current discharge can easily lead to lead sulfate crystals, which will damage the physical properties of the battery plates.   Avoid plug heating during charging—Loose charger output plugs and oxidation of the contact surface will cause the charging plug to heat up. Excessive heating time will cause the charging plug to short-circuit, directly damage the charger, and cause unnecessary losses. It is strictly forbidden to lose electricity during storage-when the battery is stored in the state of losing electricity, it is easy to undergo sulfation. Lead sulfate crystals adhere to the electrode plate, blocking the ion channel, causing insufficient charging and reducing battery capacity. The longer the idle time in the power-deficient state, the more serious the battery damage. Therefore, when the battery is not in use, it should be recharged once a month to better maintain the battery's health.   Periodic inspection-If the continued mileage of an electric vehicle suddenly drops more than ten kilometers in a short period of time, it is very likely that at least one battery in the battery pack has broken grids, softened plates, and fallen off of active material on the plates. At this time, you should go to a professional battery repair organization for inspection, repair or assembly in time. This can relatively extend the life of the battery pack and save money to the greatest extent.
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