The current state of sales in the electric bicycle industry

by:Mainbon     2022-02-08
There are more and more electric tricycles in the street market, which has become a beautiful landscape and a hot spot in the lives of people in today's society. However, many consumers have bought gas-powered electric tricycles for various reasons. Mood dropped to freezing point again. In the end how to buy a satisfactory electric tricycle, consumers are increasingly confused. The price of commercially available electric tricycles is generally around 2000-2500 yuan, but there is also a general feeling that the high price may have moisture, and the low price lacks quality assurance. The first thing to do here is to find out what the cost of an electric tricycle is. Generally, a good-quality electric tricycle costs about 1700-1900 yuan from the factory, plus various taxes and fees from dealers, the general price is more than 2000 yuan. From this we can see some 'very' means. In cars over 2,000 yuan, we can see that advertising investment directly affects the price. Of course, for the launch of the new model, considering the investment in the early stage development, the price will generally be higher in a certain period of time. 'Only buy the wrong one, not sell it wrong' reflects the current sales status of the electric tricycle industry to a certain extent. Electric bicycles are generally divided into two categories. One is a zero-start electric bicycle, generally called an electric bicycle. Although this electric bicycle has a pedal riding function, it can be completely driven by electric bicycles. There is also an intelligent electric bicycle. This kind of intelligent electric bicycle cannot be completely driven by electric power. It is a power-assisted electric bicycle that requires human power to ride. Electric bicycles are products with Chinese characteristics, and at the same time they have independent intellectual property rights. They have attracted the attention of foreign dealers and have been imported from my country.
The after-sales service of electric bicycles is very important. Its maintenance and repair are not the same as bicycles or motorcycles. This is not only because electric tricycles involve many fields, but also because the country does not currently have a unified standard for parts and components. Technical parameters are not the same. Consumers need to understand the expertise and maintenance capabilities of dealers. Take a look at the manufacturer's identification level of the dealer's maintenance ability to determine the peace of mind to buy and the comfort of use.
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