The development direction of the electric bicycle industry

by:Mainbon     2022-02-08

The introduction of the new national standard will also make a certain change in the development direction of the entire electric bicycle industry. The industry rectification has brought many new changes to the electric bicycle industry, such as low-quality motors, poor-quality lead-acid batteries, and 'orphans' left by companies that have withdrawn from the market, all of which are considering the social commitment of enterprises;
The industry has passed its infancy period. , the initial development period, the high-speed growth period, from now on, we must adapt to the emergence of the industry's inflection point, the slowdown in growth, and accelerate the innovation and development of the industry. After the rectification, the new standard was introduced, and the rigid demand and market space of the electric bicycle industry still exist. However, the pursuit of production and sales by enterprises should conform to the industry situation, actively transform it into the demand for soft power such as quality, and abandon the one-sided pursuit of capacity expansion.
The marketing concept has been innovative, and foreign trade and domestic sales are walking on two legs; actively innovating in technology, breaking through the dilemma of excessive product homogeneity and lack of bright spots, and taking safety, comfort, lightness, intelligence and other aspects as product research and development The key point; in terms of terminal services, the competition is placed on channels and services, and the sales channels are further flattened. In the future, after multiple rounds of mergers and integrations, there will be no more than 300 companies above a certain scale. The first phalanx represented by the top ten in the industry will be strong and the strong will continue to grow, and the second phalanx of backbone enterprises will continue to grow. To become stronger, more small enterprises will withdraw from the market, and the period of substantive brand competition has come.

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