The development momentum of the electric tricycle industry

by:Mainbon     2021-05-08
The electric tricycle industry is an industry that has been receiving more attention in recent years. One is that this industry conforms to the requirements of the development of the times for environmental protection, but another area of u200bu200bthis industry is that electric tricycles are developing rapidly. A few days ago, there were reports that the overall situation of the electric tricycle industry in 2014 was promising. However, from the perspective of different fields, the electric two-wheeler market is almost saturated, and the sales performance of electric two-wheelers has obviously remained stable. The space for development of the electric tricycle market is still expanding, and the sales index continues to rise. For electric tricycle companies, there is no need to worry about the market. But looking back at the development of the electric tricycle industry in 2013, whether it is the year-on-year decline in the two-wheeler field or the rapid expansion of the tricycle market, the problems are almost the same. That is to say, the phenomenon of product homogeneity and low value is widespread, industry innovation capabilities are insufficient, low-cost competition models are difficult to break through, and operational capabilities need to be improved. These factors will test the future development of enterprises.
Front copper tube design of electric tricycle
At present, there are many design methods for the front copper tube design of electric tricycles, the common ones are hydraulic, spring, pneumatic and so on. Pneumatic shock absorption is achieved by airbags. The real function of airbags has two points: 1. Relieve the change in the volume of the hydraulic chamber caused by the movement of the inner rod! 2. The function of venting process makes the hydraulic damping work better! The first point is easy to understand. Although the inner rod is relatively thin, the liquid cannot be compressed. After the inner rod is pressed in, the volume of the inner cavity becomes smaller and it is enough to generate high pressure, which is a shock absorber oil leak! Generally, the shock absorption of civil vehicles is through the hydraulic chamber not being full, and a part of the gas is reserved to adapt to this volume change, but when the shock absorption is strenuous, the gas may cause the hydraulic oil to bubble, and the bubble will vibrate when passing through the piston And unstable! If the airbag is used, this volume change can be relieved by contraction, and the oil and gas can be separated to avoid the bubbling of the shock absorber oil and affect the shock absorber effect!
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