The development of electric tricycles and two-wheelers

by:Mainbon     2021-06-14
As the twin brother of the electric two-wheeler, although the electric tricycle has one additional wheel, the four key components remain the same, all of which are batteries, controllers, motors, and chargers. These four major items always determine the quality of electric vehicles. As the relatively late development of electric tricycles, technology has always been a bottleneck hindering its development. Compared with electric two-wheelers, electric tricycles pay more attention to the use of load and cruising range. Today’s electric tricycles running on the street or produced in factories, the only way to solve the cruising range and load-carrying performance problems is to continuously increase the number of battery packs. Although this approach solves these two main problems on the surface Problems, but with it comes a series of confusions, such as increased purchase costs, increased body weight, decreased safety performance, and so on. Therefore, the best way to solve the endurance and load performance is to work hard on the motor. Today, the motor technology of electric vehicles is still relatively rough, and it is impossible to produce high-performance motors, which cannot fully meet the current market development needs. Furthermore, it is in terms of production technology. At present, most electric three-wheel manufacturers in the country have almost switched from producing bicycles or motorcycles. Therefore, there is a saying in the industry called 'motorcycle speed, bicycle manufacturing'. This starting situation has put a tight spell on the development of electric tricycles from the very beginning. These reasons have further caused the current manufacturing process of electric tricycles to remain in the production of bicycles or motorcycles, rather than completely according to the demand for electric tricycles.
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