The development prospects of electric tricycles

by:Mainbon     2021-05-21
The development of my country's electric tricycle industry started in 2001, and it has been more than a decade of development. From the beginning, the total annual output was about 500,000 vehicles, and the subsequent annual output was 2 million vehicles. The rapid development of the electric tricycle industry is really exciting. In just a few years, several important tricycle production sectors in Feng County, Xuzhou, Shangqiu, Henan, and Changzhou, Jiangsu have risen rapidly, forming three bases for the electric tricycle industry. At that time, these areas accounted for almost 90% of the total sales of the entire industry. In addition, small and medium-sized electric tricycle manufacturers in various regions have also sprung up in these years. Electric tricycle products involve a variety of models such as freight vehicles, recreational sightseeing vehicles, ATVs, handicapped vehicles, and solar-powered electric tricycles. Compared with electric two-wheelers, the development prospects and development space of the electric tricycle industry are broader. It started relatively late, and most of the market still remains undeveloped. The production level of products still needs to be improved. In terms of policies, industry standards still need to be improved. From the perspective of enterprises, most of them are small and medium-sized investments, and their experience in capital, technology, channels, marketing, etc. is not mature enough. They have not yet formed a strong leading brand, and the brand structure in the market has not yet formed a stable situation. . However, the rapidly expanding market space now provides a platform for the rapid development of electric tricycle manufacturers. With its environmental protection, energy saving, convenient and practical advantages, electric tricycle products have gained rapid development in various regions, especially towns and rural areas. development of. There are also special vehicles such as tourist sightseeing vehicles, which are now widely used with the continuous construction of the tourism industry. In summary, the market prospects for my country's electric tricycle industry are bright, and it is necessary for electric tricycle manufacturers to seize the opportunity, actively optimize their corporate structure, improve production and management capabilities, and achieve rapid development.
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