The development trend of electric tricycle industry

by:Mainbon     2021-05-07
As the industry goes through an explosive period and after the baptism of price wars, the brand structure has gradually become clear, and companies will shift their development focus to products and focus on improving product quality. The profits of products that are currently at a low level will also gradually increase, and products will embark on the road of high quality and high prices. With the development of the industry, the current channel model of incidental sales will be changed, followed by the model of large franchise stores, hypermarkets, and chain sales, and electric tricycle dealers will gradually form professional electric tricycles. Sales. At present, the electric tricycle industry invests less in after-sales service, and companies consider more about how to produce more products and sell more products. After-sales service is not regarded as a key factor for development. In the future, the after-sales service of electric tricycles will also undergo major changes as the business model changes. Professional and efficient after-sales service is the need for industry development, and it is also a necessary soft power for enterprise development. With the continuous rise of international oil prices, the continuous improvement of rural roads and the gradual increase of farmers' income, a number of industries that conform to the national new energy industry policy will have a lot of room for development. It is predicted that within a few years, the number of electric bicycles in China will reach about 300 million, and the number of electric tricycles will also be calculated in tens of millions. The vast market leaves considerable room for the development of the electric tricycle industry. At present, the growth rate of the three major sectors of electric tricycles is accelerating. The support of local governments for electric tricycles, an industry that involves the production and life of the people, also makes the industry develop The prospects are bright, and it is believed that in a few years China's electric tricycle industry will present a brand new situation. In terms of product development trends, as the electric tricycle market continues to expand, electric tricycle products will also be further improved. Because most of the rural markets are faced, taking into account the complexity of rural traffic conditions, electric tricycles must be more durable than electric bicycle products, and suitable for riding under various complex terrain; secondly, because electric tricycles are often loaded The functions of freight and manned vehicles have higher requirements on load; again, electric tricycles generally need to travel a long distance in the process of freight and manned vehicles, so the continued mileage of tricycles needs to meet certain requirements. In addition to ordinary electric tricycles, special electric tricycles carry more special functions, such as sightseeing, garbage cleaning, and assistance for the disabled. The special purpose of special vehicles determines the need for more innovation in Ru0026D and manufacturing. Therefore, in the development of special tricycles, functional innovation has become the main trend.
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