The development trend of electric tricycles

by:Mainbon     2021-06-10
In the past few years, I rarely saw electric tricycle stores. They basically belonged to the sale and purchase of electric bicycles. However, the current situation is different. Some three-wheel electric tricycle brands have established brand stores in certain areas. The channel structure has been improved. It is expected that sales models such as franchised stores, hypermarkets, and large supermarkets will gradually become common in the next few years, and electric tricycles will also usher in a new situation. The brand pattern gradually highlights that the objects replaced by electric tricycles are manpower tricycles and motorcycle tricycles, but most of the market sources are the previous manpower tricycles. Therefore, the electric tricycle industry started relatively late, but in recent years, due to the rapid growth of the industry, the number of companies has grown rapidly and competition has become increasingly fierce. Companies have participated in large-scale exhibitions to promote their brands and products. More and more companies enter the electric tricycle market, accelerating the rapid reshuffle of the industry. Although today’s consumers’ brand concept of electric tricycles is not as good as that of two-wheelers, in the next few years, as consumers’ brand awareness of electric tricycles Gradually increasing, the brand pattern of three-wheel electric vehicles will become more obvious. The sector pattern is further concentrated. The degree of development of the electric tricycle industry varies from region to region, but in general, four major sectors have been formed in Xuzhou, Changzhou, Tianjin and Henan. The four major sectors have laid the basic pattern of China’s current electric tricycle industry. , Occupies most of the market share of the entire industry. Electric tricycles have relatively few models and high logistics costs. The concentration of sectors is very helpful to the optimization of product models, quality and prices. Currently, electric tricycles are generally of unstable quality and lack of standards, and local management policies are still in a vacuum. Which sector will develop better in the future depends on the support policies of the local government. Industrial development prospects are clear. In terms of product development trends, as most of the products are facing the rural market, considering the complexity of rural traffic conditions, electric tricycles must be sturdy and durable, with good climbing performance, strong carrying capacity, and suitable for various applications. Ride under terrain; secondly, electric tricycles carry cargo and manned functions, and require high load capacity; thirdly, electric tricycles generally need to travel a long distance, so the continued mileage of tricycles needs to meet certain requirements. In terms of price, as the industry has experienced the baptism of price wars, the brand structure has gradually become clear. Enterprises will shift their development focus to products and focus on improving product quality, and products will embark on the road of high quality and high prices. In terms of after-sales service, the current electric tricycle industry invests less in after-sales service, and companies consider more about how to produce and sell more products, instead of considering after-sales service as a key factor in development. In the future, the after-sales service of electric tricycles will change drastically along with changes in the business model. Professional and efficient after-sales service has become a requirement for industry development and a necessary soft power for enterprise development.
Collectively, the effect of custom electric bicycles on industrial society has been to eliminate custom electric bike and drastically reduce the time long associated with custom electric motorcycle.
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