The difference between electric tricycle dry battery and water battery

by:Mainbon     2021-06-05
Electric tricycles are currently the most popular kind of transportation tools, whether they are convertible or fully enclosed, the sales are very good. The main reason is that electric tricycles use renewable energy, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and is loved by the masses. The most important and most expensive part of an electric tricycle is its power source-the battery. The batteries in electric tricycles are divided into dry batteries and water batteries. Let's introduce the difference between dry batteries and water batteries. 1. During the use of dry batteries, there is almost no need for maintenance and maintenance, which saves worry and effort. If you pay attention to maintenance and maintenance during the use of water batteries, the use period will be longer than that of dry batteries. If the maintenance is not good However, the use period is shorter than that of a dry battery. 2. The most feared thing about a water battery is the lack of liquid, so it is necessary to observe the liquid level of the battery regularly. When it is short of liquid, add distilled water or electrolyte in time. Generally, it depends on the battery power. When the battery power is obviously insufficient, it is necessary Add electrolyte and charge it in time. While maintaining the battery, apply a little grease on the positive and negative ends of the battery to prevent corrosion at both ends of the electrode and extend the service life of the battery. 3. The overload capacity of the water battery is stronger than that of the dry battery, and the dry battery is more likely to die if it encounters a circuit failure. 4. The maintenance of the battery is very important. It should be checked regularly. When it is found to be short of liquid, it should be refilled in time. When the battery is low, it should be charged in time. Remember to continue to use it reluctantly at this time. The impact of tens of amperes and high current is fatal to the battery in poor condition. Pay special attention to the mechanical failure of the starting mechanism of the vehicle, even if the battery is full, immediately stop using it.
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