The future of pure electric tricycles

by:Mainbon     2022-02-08
Internal combustion engine technology has long been a soft underbelly in China. Unlike foreign companies, which regard basic research as their life, no domestic company has even done detailed basic research work. Until now, my country still cannot independently design internal combustion engine locomotives. Since my country cannot compete with foreign countries in terms of internal combustion engine technology, or even on a par with other countries, it is very likely that my country will not be able to make any constructive results in the development of hybrid vehicles.
Facing such an existing reality, we might as well turn to the technology development of pure tricycle.html' target='_blank'>electric tricycles. In this field, the technologies of various countries are almost on the same starting line. If my country can put its main force into electric tricycles from now on, it can move forward together with other countries. Even if our base will be a little weaker, it's still too late to catch up. In terms of mechanization, because the existing technologies are still immature and are still in the stage of testing the market, countries will not easily implement large-scale mechanization, which instead highlights the advantage of cheap labor in my country, which is conducive to reducing costs and enhancing competition. force.
To develop new energy vehicles, pure electric tricycles are the way out, and to make pure electric tricycles, batteries must be used as the power center to design. At present, the technology of batteries in my country is not mature enough and the service life is not long, which has become the biggest problem in the development of pure electric tricycles. A car can be used for 10 to 15 years, up to 30 years. According to the calculation of charging 300 times a year, it needs to be charged 3,000 times in 10 years, which means that a pure electric tricycle needs to be charged about 10,000 times before it is scrapped. The life of lithium manganate is only about 1500 times. The lifespan of lithium iron phosphate commonly used in China is only 3,000 times. When the lifespan is short, the price problem will become prominent. If the price of the battery is higher than the oil price or the price of the internal combustion engine, then the electric tricycle will lose its competitiveness in the market.
There are different technologies in the field of electric tricycles, which can form a competitive relationship, which is beneficial to the optimization of the market. As an industry, electric tricycles cannot be done in two or three years. It may take ten or fifteen years. Therefore, we need to have a long-term development strategy. On this issue, I think the main body of the push should be the state, not the enterprises and their representatives.
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