The main coping methods for long-term electric bicycle riding

by:Mainbon     2021-09-17
The main coping methods for long-term riding of electric bicycles Electric bicycles have become a common means of transportation for the public, either carrying passengers or express delivery or commuting to get off work. Electric bicycles have brought convenience, but at the same time, they also worry about the body and even the lives of people who ride electric bicycles. The following two-wheeled electric bicycle manufacturers will talk about the main coping methods for long-term riding of electric bicycles: 1. Riding the bicycle should stand upright, form a good riding habit, check the brakes and light bulbs 2. No matter how hot or cold the weather, at night and In the morning, you need to take care of warmth, especially your knees and head; at the same time, after riding in winter, remember to soak your feet in the evening to remove the cold. In summer, you can drink some soup to remove heat and dampness. (Such as winter melon soup, mung bean soup, etc.) 3. Be sure to go slowly on rainy days, and always look at the rear-view mirror after putting on a raincoat; 4. Follow the rules and drive on the right! Although there are more and more types of transportation, electric bicycles are still the favorite of the public. Then we must pay attention to our own safety when riding in our daily lives. I hope that the above-mentioned coping methods can be effective for us. The ride is helpful. For more information about electric bicycles, please consult the official website of electric bicycles at any time. Previous post: Repair methods for electric bicycles that do not rotate and the meter does not display Next post: What should be paid attention to when charging an electric bicycle for the first time
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