The overall arrangement and analysis of the new electric tricycle

by:Mainbon     2021-06-16
Due to the low conversion efficiency of solar panels, the application of solar cells on short-distance or low-speed electric tricycles is easy to achieve. Therefore, the design and positioning of solar electric tricycles is mainly aimed at short-distance, low-speed, single-use or self-driving electric tricycles. The main uses are sightseeing, golf carts, and personal transportation. Its working principle is to convert solar energy into a computer to compensate and charge the battery of the electric tricycle to supplement part of the energy consumed during the driving of the vehicle, thereby prolonging the driving time of the vehicle. When the solar battery cannot meet the driving demand of the electric tricycle, the battery of the electric tricycle can be charged by the power source. As a new type of green transportation, solar-powered electric tricycles can be used as a convenient means of transportation. The new electric tricycle adopts a three-wheel structure. The power arrangement is rear-mounted electric motor, rear-wheel drive, and the drive motor is installed in the rear wheel hub and combined with the rear wheel to form a whole, which can save the internal space of the body and make the power assembly The mechanism is simple, easy to repair and disassemble; at the same time, it is very beneficial to improve the power transmission efficiency and reduce the weight of the whole vehicle. The main components of the front and rear support plates this time, according to the structural design requirements of the electric tricycle, the front support plate is installed with fixed inert wheels, the top of the rear support plate is fixed with the seat, the lower end is installed with two drive motors and tires, and the battery is installed under the seat cushion. The part support plate basket is hung up to reserve space for the retraction part of the pedal.
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