The premise that electric tricycles can increase lifespan

by:Mainbon     2022-02-09

Don't use the brake handle and the speed control handle at the same time when riding, because the brake handle is a braking part, it has a power-off interlock function to stop the motor from working; and the handle is to turn on the motor and continue to run, so that the motor is in If the car is in running state but cannot move, it will cause overload and damage.
When you finish riding for a day, you should charge the battery in time. Most of the batteries on electric bicycles are lead-acid batteries, which have no memory effect. Keep the maximum capacity of the battery while using and charging, so as to avoid deep discharge during use, which can prolong the life of the battery.
The electric tricycle refueling station is similar to a car gas station. It stores the centralized recharged batteries in each refueling station to replace the battery at any time for electric bicycle users, and also provides comprehensive services such as maintenance. At present, 20 refueling stations have been built in the urban area of u200bu200bWuxi. Citizens can recharge the electricity nearby. They no longer worry about the failure of the battery on the way, and save the trouble of charging at home.
Choose a sunshade and rain-proof place when parking, do not expose to the hot sun, do not get drenched in heavy rain, and make electrical appliances wet with water. Electric bicycles have become the favorite means of transportation for the people because of their green, environmentally friendly, economical and convenient features. It plays a positive role in alleviating the energy crisis and dredging urban traffic congestion. However, the inconvenience of charging, the easy loss of electric tricycles or batteries, and the tens of millions of used batteries discarded every year negatively impact consumers and the environment.

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