The problem of assisted tricycle deviation

by:Mainbon     2021-06-29
Power-assisted tricycle deflection-the elasticity of the left and right springs of the shock absorber is inconsistent or the shock absorber is not parallel, and the inconsistent working length will also cause the tricycle to deviate. At this time, check whether the specifications of the two springs are the same or replace the failed spring, and the shock absorber is not parallel. , If the working length is inconsistent, it should be re-installed. If the shaft of the shock absorber is bent, it should be disassembled and replaced until it is parallel and the working length is the same. The difference in elasticity of the left and right leaf springs will also cause the car to deviate. At this time, replace the leaf spring It can be solved; the length of the parallel tie rods is different, and the force on both sides is uneven, which is also a major reason for the deviation of the car. At this time, it needs to be adjusted to the same length. If the front wheel pressure is too low and the left and right rear wheel pressure difference is too large, it will cause the assisted tricycle to deviate. At this time, the front wheel pressure should be charged to the standard value of 450kPaa, the rear wheel pressure should be charged to 550kPaa, and the pressure value of the two wheels should be adjusted. Equal; if the front wheel load is too large, or the load of the cargo compartment is on one side, the tricycle will deviate. Therefore, the user should place the goods evenly when loading to avoid accidents; assist the tricycle with poor steering and deviation The problem—steering is not working properly. Because the steering shaft is too tight, the steering resistance increases. It is necessary to adjust the compression nut of the steering shaft to the appropriate position; for the steering wheel-type power tricycle, it may be that the steering gear lacks grease, so Grease needs to be added regularly; if the steering gear's bearings are adjusted too tight or the gears in the steering gear mesh with the rack too tightly, the steering will also be inflexible, and re-adjustment is required at this time. If the steering shaft bearing is damaged, it will also cause inflexible steering, which can be solved by replacing it with a new bearing;
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