The problem of the power-assisted tricycle running off track

by:Mainbon     2022-02-15

The power-assisted tricycle runs off-track—the left and right springs of the shock absorber are inconsistent in elasticity or the shock absorbers are not parallel, and inconsistent working lengths will also cause the tricycle to deviate. At this time, it is necessary to check whether the specifications of the two springs are consistent or replace the failed springs to reduce shock absorption. If the shock absorber is not parallel and the working length is inconsistent, it should be re-installed. If the shaft of the shock absorber is bent, it should be dismantled and replaced until it is parallel and the working length is consistent; It can only be solved by replacing the leaf spring; the length of the parallel tie rod is different, and the force on both sides is uneven, which is also a major cause of the deviation of the car. At this time, it needs to be adjusted to the same length. If the air pressure of the front wheel is too low and the air pressure difference between the left and right rear wheels is too large, it will cause the power-assisted tricycle to run off. Equal; if the front wheel load is too large, or the load of the cargo compartment is on one side, the tricycle will deviate, so when loading, the user should place the goods evenly to avoid accidents;
Power-assisted tricycle steering is not working And the problem of deviation - the steering is not working, because the steering shaft is too tight, resulting in increased steering resistance, you need to adjust the compression nut of the steering shaft to an appropriate position; for steering wheel type power-assisted tricycles, it may be that there is a lack of lubrication in the steering machine Therefore, it is necessary to add grease regularly; if the bearing of the steering gear is adjusted too tightly or the gear in the steering gear is too tightly meshed with the rack, it will also cause the steering to be inflexible, and it needs to be readjusted at this time. If the steering shaft bearing is damaged, it will also cause the steering to be inflexible, and it can be solved by replacing it with a new bearing;

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