The rapid development and methods of electric tricycles

by:Mainbon     2021-05-11
Electric tricycles are developing rapidly in our country because of their moderate price, use of clean electric energy, environmental protection and energy saving, and easy operation. The emergence of electric tricycles is endless. Electric tricycles have evolved from a traditional tricycle with a single transportation function to electric sightseeing vehicles, electric ATVs, old scooters, electric scooters, etc. In the past two years, similar cars have also appeared. The electric four-wheeled vehicle and so on styles. Generally, the transmission mode of electric three-wheel is divided into two types: fork-type variable-speed transmission and chain-type transmission. First of all, the fork type variable speed transmission is a fork type variable speed transmission system driven directly by the wheels. The structure adopts a straight fork type. It consists of two overspeed separators on the left and right, each of which can be closely combined with the wheel hub to rotate. Install the left and right spiral clutches on the hollow shaft. The two spiral clutches directly push the clutch through the hollow shaft. The spiral clutch of the electric tricycle can push the coaxial overspeed separator to push the big gear to drive the motor to rotate together. The hollow shaft end is equipped with a planetary gear transmission mechanism, and the over-speed separator adopts a mechanism that combines a throwing block and a grooved roller. Secondly, it is the electric tricycle chain transmission. This transmission is a transmission method that transmits the movement and power of the driving sprocket with a special tooth profile to the driven sprocket with a special tooth profile through the chain. Electric tricycle chain transmission has many advantages. Compared with belt transmission, there will be no elastic sliding and slipping. The average transmission is accurate, the transmission power is large, the overload capacity is strong, the work is reliable, the efficiency is high, and the transmission size under the same working conditions is small. The required tension is small, the pressure acting on the shaft is small, and it can work in harsh environments such as humidity, dust, high temperature, high temperature, and pollution. The most suitable transmission method for electric tricycles should be chain transmission. It can rotate with great force, and the structural performance of the chain is also very good, which meets the requirements of transmission strength and car body.
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