The rapid development of China's electric tricycle industry

by:Mainbon     2022-02-16
The electric tricycle industry in China started around 2001 and has been developing for nearly ten years. From the total output of about 500,000 vehicles in 2004 to about 2 million vehicles last year, the rapid development of the electric tricycle industry is encouraging.
Small and medium-sized electric tricycle companies in various regions have also sprung up in recent years. Compared with electric two-wheeled vehicles, the development prospects and space of the electric three-wheeled vehicle industry are broader. The market started late and the market has not been fully developed; the products are still at a low level, and the overall quality and functions need to be improved; at the policy level, industry standards The problem remains unresolved; as far as enterprises are concerned, most of them are small and medium-sized investment types, and their accumulation in capital, technology, channels, marketing, etc. is still insufficient, and they have not formed a strong leading brand, and the brand pattern has not formed a stable situation. The rapidly expanding market space provides the possibility of rapid development for electric tricycle companies, and electric tricycle products, with their advantages of environmental protection, energy saving, convenience and practicality, are growing rapidly in various regions, especially in townships and rural markets. Special vehicles are also used in various fields and play an increasingly important role.
Since the industry is still in the growth stage, the existing electric tricycle companies have a good development momentum, and more companies have entered this industry, including motorcycle companies, electric tricycle companies, and bicycle companies. The rapid growth of the market has brought huge opportunities for companies, and it has also become the best time for brands to break out. It is expected that within three years, more companies will enter this industry one after another, and the number of companies in the electric tricycle industry will become Under the dual effects of the continuous expansion of the industry scale and the reshuffle of the industry, the industry brand pattern will gradually become clear and form a relatively stable state. The brand pattern of the electric tricycle industry has not been formed, and the current basic pattern is only a temporary and unstable pattern. In the past one or two years of rapid development of the industry, this pattern may be changed many times.
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