The rapid development of electric vehicle technology

by:Mainbon     2021-05-04
Electric vehicle technology has developed rapidly, and electric vehicles driven by brushless motors are gradually replacing brushed electric vehicles with a high failure rate. The reliability of the motor is extremely high and the service life is greatly extended. The matching brushless controller technology has also been rapidly improved. Incorporating multi-stage current-limiting soft start technology, speed open loop, closed loop control, gambling protection, Abs flexible electronic brake technology, motor power generation and reverse charging technology, so that the mechanical and electrical performance of electric vehicles are fully enhanced. In short, an electric vehicle is a locomotive driven by electricity. Electric vehicles can be divided into categories: electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric buses, electric vehicles, electric tricycles, and electric four-wheelers. With the development of electric technology, there are electric golf carts, electric forklifts, electric sanitation vehicles, electric patrol police, electric ATVs, electric sightseeing vehicles, electric cargo vehicles, electric equipment. Kiln cars, etc., this type of electric car has a relatively narrow application range, and is generally used in scenic spots, industrial parks, parks, piers, scenic spots, pedestrian streets and other places. Hotels and exhibition centers can also be used as reception vehicles.
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