The sales status of the electric bicycle industry

by:Mainbon     2021-05-14
There are more and more electric vehicles on the market, which has become a beautiful landscape and a hot spot in the lives of people in today's society. However, many consumers have bought inflated electric cars for various reasons. The mood has dropped to freezing point again. Consumers are increasingly confused about how to buy a satisfactory electric tricycle. The price of commercially available electric vehicles is generally around 2000-2500 yuan, but there is also a general feeling that there may be moisture when the price is high, and the quality of the low price is not guaranteed. Here we must first understand the cost of electric vehicles. Generally, the cost of a good-quality electric car is around 1700-1900 yuan, plus the various taxes and fees of the dealer's family, and the general price is more than 2,000 yuan. From this we can see some'very' means. In cars above 2,000 yuan, we can see that advertising investment directly affects the selling price. Of course, the launch of the new model, considering the investment in the early development, will generally be higher in a certain period of time.'Only buy the wrong, not sell the wrong' to a certain extent reflects the current sales status of the electric vehicle industry. Electric bicycles are generally divided into two categories. One is a zero-start electric bicycle, which is generally called an electric bicycle. Although this electric bicycle has a pedal riding function, it can be completely relied on for electric riding. There is also a kind of smart electric bicycle. This kind of smart electric bicycle cannot be fully electric riding. It is a power-assisted electric bicycle that requires manpower to ride. Generally, it is one-to-one power-assisted, that is, human-machine equal power. Electric bicycles are products with Chinese characteristics. At the same time, they have completely independent intellectual property rights. They have attracted the close attention of foreign dealers and have been imported from my country. After-sales service of electric bicycles is very important. Its maintenance and repair are not equivalent to bicycles or motorcycles. Not only because electric bicycles involve more fields, but also because the country does not currently have a unified standard for parts and components, and the technical parameters of many parts of various manufacturers are Are not the same. Consumers need to understand the dealer’s expertise and repair capabilities. Look at the manufacturer's certification level of the dealer's repair ability to determine if you can buy it with confidence and use it with comfort.
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