The secondary function of the electric tricycle failure cannot be used

by:Mainbon     2021-06-03
Open the electric door lock, the power display is normal, and the electric tricycle is running normally. But the secondary function cannot be used normally or cannot be used. (Note: This type of problem also includes: a single function cannot be used normally or multiple functions are activated or transferred at the same time when using one of the functions, and the application of a certain function causes other one or several functions to fail, etc. (for example: 1. Turn on the headlights, and other functions fail or cause other functions to start at the same time but not normal. 2. Turn on either side of the turning lights and both sides of the turning lights are started at the same time... etc.) Solution: 1: This kind of problem is generally common sense in 12V The negative terminal and the upper side of the 12V negative terminal fuse (color: black or black with thin wires such as yellow, white, etc., generally connected to the 12V electrode column of the positive main line battery of the vehicle). First, check whether this wire is off or the contact is poor. ( If there are too many stains on the electrode column, it needs to be cleaned with boiling water.) Stable it or reconnect it. 2: After ensuring that the 12V negative electrode connection is intact, open the fuse and diode secure box to check whether it is firm or damaged. The diode is stable or replaced with a new fuse or diode. (If the diode is connected in the reverse direction, the secondary function will not be used.) 3: In the case of ensuring that the 12V negative line is completely normal, it is necessary to check the function switch and power-consuming hardware ( Power-consuming hardware: speakers, bulbs, etc.) Whether the contact is poor or damaged. Just connect the wires or replace them.
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