The small attention to battery installation

by:Mainbon     2021-05-02
1) The batteries are used in series, that is, the positive electrode of one battery is connected to the negative electrode of the other battery, and all the batteries are connected together. Finally, the remaining positive and negative terminals are connected to the corresponding wiring of the electric tricycle with wires (specially connected batteries require Special instructions to the battery manufacturer, only after the manufacturer’s consent). The battery pack is used for connecting the positive and negative lead wires of the entire battery pack, and tapping is not allowed. (2) The wire diameter of the battery connection must comply with the relevant electrical installation regulations. The connection between the battery and the wire must be welded or bolted. The connection must be firm. The terminals and sealing parts must not be damaged during the welding operation. The connecting wires are not allowed to cross, Overlap and squeeze phenomenon. (3) Disconnect the electric door lock of the electric tricycle when installing the battery to prevent sparking and explosion during wiring. (4) Insulation measures should be taken for installation tools, etc., to prevent short circuits when connecting wires. Every good electric tricycle is installed with batteries in strict accordance with the regulations.
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