The solution to the cold battery in winter

by:Mainbon     2021-06-24
As the main source of power for electric vehicles, batteries affect the riding efficiency of electric vehicles at all times. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose a high-power, high-capacity battery for your car. As the cold winter is approaching, many electric vehicle owners have begun to complain that their electric vehicle batteries are becoming less durable, and the driving distance is not as good as before. This is likely to be due to the cold weather leading to lower battery performance. At present, electric vehicles generally use lead-acid batteries as power sources, and the energy stored in lead-acid batteries is closely related to the temperature. In other words, the expansion of the electrolyte in the battery in summer will increase the power storage capacity, and the electric vehicle will run far; the electrolyte in the battery shrinks in the winter, the power stored in the battery will naturally decrease, and the mileage of the electric vehicle will be shortened. This is a relatively common phenomenon. As the temperature rises in the beginning of spring next year, the battery power of electric vehicles will naturally recover. In view of the current situation of electric tricycle batteries being 'fearful of coldWhen starting an electric vehicle in winter, it is best to use the pedal to assist, and then slowly increase the speed to avoid a large amount of battery discharge; avoid frequent starting and jerk on the switch during driving, which will affect the battery life. If possible, put the battery or electric tricycle indoors. The service life of the battery is generally two to three years. It is recommended that residents replace new batteries for electric vehicles after the expiration date. The battery consumption of lithium battery electric vehicles in winter is slightly better than that of lead-acid batteries.
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