The technical level and trend of electric tricycles

by:Mainbon     2021-05-19
Like electric two-wheelers, electric tricycles also have a variety of vehicle types and models. In terms of vehicle types, it can be roughly divided into ordinary electric tricycles and special vehicles. Special vehicles include sightseeing vehicles, handicapped vehicles, passenger tricycles, electric garbage trucks, and ATVs. According to the power, they can be divided into single-battery tricycles. And a multi-battery tricycle. In terms of style, it is similar to the electric two-wheeler industry. Due to the immature development of the electric tricycle industry, Ru0026D and manufacturing technologies do not constitute the conditions for independent Ru0026D and production of all enterprises, and the overall technical level of the bicycle and electric vehicle industries. Electric tricycles are a combination of bicycles, electric vehicles and motorcycles. Therefore, any technological innovation in the bicycle, electric vehicles, and motorcycle industries will affect the development of the electric tricycle industry. It can be said that in terms of technology, these industries They are interdependent and coexist. In terms of product development trends, with the continuous expansion of the electric tricycle market, electric tricycle products will also be further improved. Since most of the rural markets are faced, taking into account the complexity of rural traffic conditions, electric tricycles must be more robust and durable than electric bicycle products, and suitable for riding under various complex terrains; secondly, because electric tricycles are often loaded The functions of freight and manned vehicles require higher load; again, electric tricycles generally need to travel a long distance in the process of freight and manned persons, so the continued mileage of tricycles needs to meet certain requirements. In addition to ordinary electric tricycles, special electric tricycles carry more special functions, such as sightseeing, garbage cleaning, and assistance for the disabled. The special purpose of special vehicles determines the need for more innovation in Ru0026D and manufacturing. Therefore, in the development of special tricycles, functional innovation has become the main trend.
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